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Saturday, 13 January 2007

i'm ally blake, and i'm an mandmaholic

I've been catching up on all the shows I couldn't watch last week as I was neck deep in revisions - and I made my hubby take the TV remote controls to work (read previous post to find out the sad reasons why!).

One new show I am in love with is called Starved (which I understand has aleready been axed in the States - of course). It's about four friends, all with eating disorders, who met attending a kind of backwards Overeaters Anonymous where the other members verbally assault them if they stumble. Sounds odd? Hilariously funny!!! Last week there was this one scene about a colonic session gone bad... I guess you had to be there...

Anyhoo, the reason I mention it is because our hero's comfort food is these little individually wrapped slices of chocolate cake. Which he carries around in his briefcase. Always. And last week as he had a binge, he lined them up on his desk. Systematically. In a neat pyramid. Every time the same.

Now, if you know me, you know I love M&Ms. What you might no know is that every time I eat them, I pour a pile onto my notepaper on my desk, then line them up in colour order and in even amounts. If there are too many of one colour, they get eaten first. Then I eat down the rows so that there are always an even number of each colour. Once I am down to the final six, I make a circle. Is this a problem? Or does the fact that I don't mind if the white "m" is face up or not save me from some kind of behavioural minefield?

On a wholly unrelated issue ;), the Pink Heart Society has started a Diet Club for 2007 as a way to help will powerless writers pull themselves up by their fluffy pink socks to stave off Writers' Butt. Everyone involved is trying a different tack. A way that suits their lifestyle in a bid to stop the spread. Many of them are keeping track on their blogs with "tickers" showing how much weight they've lost and how much they have yet to go. I have no scales in my house so that's no good for me. My plan is to tone up. And since if i swore off certain foods I would just be setting myself up to fail, my plan it to increase excercise.

The first Tuesday of every month will be weigh in time. So if you wanna come along and get your butt kicked by people with a gift of the gab, now's the time. See ya there!!!

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