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Saturday 31 March 2007

hot heroes

So, Modex Authors extraordinaire Jenna, Trish and Nicola have just blogged about the hero inspiration for their latest MX books.

So that I ain't left behind here is Damien Halliburton. Nice? Hot? Sexy as? I think so.

It took some research to find my guy, I tell ya. I went from McDreamy to McSteamy to a lovely Aussie guy by the name of Vince Colossimo, until I stumbled upon this picture of one Josh Hartnett. My Dom doesn't smoke, but he does smoulder. I love everything about the pic - the hair, the dark eyes, the danger. Stick this guy in a suit and let the games begin.

Trish has just begun her tale Letting Loose. Jenna is about 2000 words into Driven to Distraction. Come Monday I will be diving deep into Phone Sex.... That's the working title of my book, so don't be getting any ideas!

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Sunday 25 March 2007


Went to see Miss Saigon last night.

Seriously this is the most beautiful, sweet, tragic, dramatic, sexy, game, fabulous, heart-wrenching musical ever written. I went with my Mum and my hubby's Aunt last night, and I joked to Mel who hadn't seen it before (unlike Mum and I who saw it on Broadway and know it sooooooo well from owning the CD and knowing every word for years and years) that she should get her tissues out ready for the first song. Within two minutes of the show starting I was in tears! And by the end I was blubbing so hard I had to keep stopping clapping to blow my nose!

It is really moving, but also I think I was quite simply stoked to be there listening to and watching such an amazing cast sing such beautiful songs and acting their little hearts out. Gorgeous!!!!! ps. do you think I could sing in musicals???

Then today 3 of the chicklets found a new home.

Stewie Griffin was starting to crow. three months old and already a big man!!! This time hubby was clevver and advertised that we would give him and a female away to a good home. And we found someone who wanted him!!! A lovely family who've just bought a farm. They came around to our hoouse today, mum, dad and two little girls whose faces just glowed when they saw the chickens that would soon be theirs!!! MArk told them what we had named them but said the girls could certainly change their names. Consideirng they were Stewie Griffin, Vinnie Barbarino and Vera de Milo, I won't be surprised if they do ;).

The tomorrow mum and I will watch West Wing, she's reading the latest Trish Wylie - wouldn't let me do so first - and has lent me a bunch of LaVyrle Spencer books.... I feel a good week has begun ;).


Thursday 22 March 2007


Book is done and dusted and sent away. Picture me about to crash on lounge chair and not get up.

What a relief! It was a tad late, for which I owe many grovelling hugs and kisses of feet to my lovely editor for being so understanding. But it was also the fourth book I have written in eight months. And for a girl who usually wrote 2-3 books a year since the beginning of this crazy journey that was some feat.

Exhausting. Nutty. Fun. Terrifying. And I'm glad it's over!!!

Next book, a Modern Extra, isn't due for another 3 months, and I've already begun it. And what a fun fun premise!!! (Not giving anything away here though as it is just too too fabulous for words ;)) I really can't wait to get stuck into it.

Buuuuut, I'm thinking a week off would be looooovely. Time to spend with folks this weekend. Maybe a few DVDs while sitting on the couch. I might even see the sky for the first time in days. That would be nice. Especially since daylight savings ends here in Aus on Saturday. Boo hoo!

The couch calls!


Tuesday 20 March 2007

won't be long now

Still knuckling down on deadline book, hence the feeling I have dropped off the edge of the world. for you and me both! Draft finished, just cleaning up loose ends before sending la book to my lovely, kindly, wonderful, understanding, patient editor this week.

And then my folks come to town for a visit. While dad goes to look at planes all weekend at a local airshow, Mum is here for of a trip to the theatre!

We're going to see Miss Saigon on Saturday. This is my very favourite musical in the whole wide world. I first heard about it while accidentally stumbling upon the Making Of... documentary on TV one Sunday. I loved it so much I bought the double CD. Learnt every word off by heart, and then it took me some ten years to actually see it live for the first time! On Broadway no less.

I can't wait to see it again. With a big box of tuissues in hand. It's a weepie of the higest order. And with book off and away, it will be a little pressie to myself for lots of hard work over last two months.

And then I can come out and play with you all again then too! See you soon!

Monday 12 March 2007

between the sheets: the final countdown

I am going off planet the next few days as I finish la book.

Now I am at the pulling the freyed edges together time. Meshing together the scenes which I wrote in blocks on my Alphie. Making sure the segues from one scene to another are neat and fabulous. Making sure the flow and tips and turns of the romance make perfect sense, and that the timing and pacing of events are ideal. Generally giving the thing a mighty clean up.

Big job this. I always seem to conveniently forget how big. What with read through, printout, editing on paper with my darling red pen, loading changes back into computer, then reading again, it takes me about a week.

Trish Wylie's deadline cave is even looking like it has far too many distractions insde so I have chosen a tepid, yet remote planet with nothing bar a desk, a computer, an endless supply of cold water, cream filled biscuits, multi-vitamins, 2B pencils, twnety-four hour light, scrap paper, no internet (bar google for research purposes and no that does not mean that I need to look up anymore pictures of Marat Safin), no TV, no TV remotes, endless playlists of songs I like, and a view of nothing bar dark sparkly space as far as the eye can see.

Wish me luck!


Monday 5 March 2007

one man's trash

Don't you just love ebay?

My hubby is an ebay fanatic. He buys and sells all sorts of junk, things most people would throw away. We bought my first laptop on ebay. Our washing macine and fridge. My friend Sheree sold an old mattress for over $1000 that would have cost them $15 to get taken away had they thrown it out.

And now I see that the window through which JFK was allegedly shot and killed sold for an amazing $3 million a couple of weeks back. (Check out the auction here) The fact that these artefacts are still around, that they show up years later, amazes me. And the market gobbles them up which makes it even more fascinating.

I myself have a couple of original Bobby Kenndy support pins from his 1968 campain which I bought at a market in Melbourne a few years back. Funny, but it would never in a million years occur to me to ebay it.

Each to their own right?

Saturday 3 March 2007

new book! new book!


Online now in the UK!!! You can pick up a copy already at the website.

Check out all about the book, who I cast as my hero and heroine, how the book came about, the Dear Reader letter from the front of the book, and an excerpt from the very beginning of the book, at the GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS page on my website.

And just because I am that nice to you, here's a taste test you won't find anyone else:


‘We’ve met before, you know,’ Abbey said, as her eyes darted about the opulent private bar at the rear of the hundred-year-old Swank building.

Flynn had a hard time paying much attention to what she was saying. For gone was the tidy juggernaut with the intriguing air of slightly desperate ambition, in place of a bright-eyed, slightly mussed version of herself helped along by a very little Dutch courage. If not for the memorable sight of those extraordinary legs swaying sexily towards him as she’d followed the porter inside he might have thought it was a different woman.

‘And where did we meet, Ms Parrish?’ Flynn asked, as he motioned to a passing waiter to bring him a wine list.

‘Can I grab a coffee too, please,’ she asked the waiter. ‘Black. Strong. No sugar. We met at a Chic party several months ago.’

The waiter paused, a half smile lighting his face as he thought she was still talking to him. Flynn motioned him away with a small shake of his head, quite fiercely not wanting some random guy to think he was in there.

Why, he had no idea. She wasn’t his usual type. Despite her cascade of honey-blonde waves, creamy pale skin that blushed easily and a seriously cute smattering of freckles across her dainty nose. And those true blue eyes; wide, ingenuous, and pensive. Despite that heady mixture of inducements she was high strung, edgy, and not nearly enough enamoured of him.

Nevertheless Flynn undid the button of his suit jacket, tugged at the knot of his tie, and shifted forward a little in his seat and smiled down at her some more.


Thursday 1 March 2007

award winner

Just found out that my Brides of Bella Lucia contribution, Wanted: Outback Wife won the Cataromance Reviewers' Choice award for Best M&B Romance for the second half of 2006.

A big thanks to the very-hard working Cataromance team and reviewers who are a fabulous support to category tromance.

And a huuuuge conrats to all the winners, especially the truck load of Pink Heart Society members, lovers of all things category romance, who made such a fabulous showing! (You all look beautiful in your cyber gowns too gals, Oscar worthy to be sure ;))

Check out the whole list of winners here...