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Tuesday 10 July 2007

done! sent! now what?

Okay, so it's done. It's sent. My latest Modern Extra hopeful is off and away to take up space on my editor's cluttered desk.

And tomorrow looms wide and bright and devoid of plans of any kind. The square on my calendar is blank. Empty. White as a fresh Word page. What should I do?

Foist myself on an unsuspecting friend, and beg for entertainment to take my mind off the story still swimming around in my head? Head down to the DVD store and get out a movie my husband would never ever watch? Shop for stuff for upcoming bub? (Like I haven't done enough of that in the past two weeks :)) Do my tax? Mmmm... Clean out back room? Clean out office?

Or do I stay on the straight and narrow and use the creative energy coursing through me to narrow down what my next Harlequin Romance story will be about? It is due in two and a half months after all...