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Saturday 28 July 2007

head down, bum on seat

Revisions have arrived for my latest Modern Extra THE BEAUTIFUL STRANGER which is fantastic timing as always. I had planned to spend a day on my tax, but alas ;).

It's a lovely relief that certain scenes within the book, which I thought may be too risque (intrigued???) and others I thought might be too down home for MX have gone through with a flourish. Just have to give my darling lovable Damien a little more backstory which is in my head but not on paper quite enough and the conflict will tighten immeasurably. And I get to spend more time with this guy. All worth it to be sure ;).

Also good timing because I'm finding it tricky to get into my new story right now. Am thinking of beginning something completely afresh. Anyone got any ideas they'd simply like to give away? Maybe with a couple of chapters thrown in for good measure? Hmmm?

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