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Wednesday, 11 July 2007

i should have kept my mouth shut

In no less than five minutes after getting up this morning I had two packages arrive by courier.

First came a biffy pressie from my hubby!!! He bought me this goooorgeous new mobile phone. My old one had no camera, rang no more than six times before hanging up on people, couldn't do polyphonic ringtones. This one is very fancy with moving pictures as wallpaper, a camera, MP3 capabilities, a notebook, a calendar and I'm gonna get a new schmick red cover for it! Which is all very timely as the book I delivered to my editor yesterday is all about two people and their mobile phones...

Next came the proof edits for my last romance
FALLING FOR THE REBEL HEIR. Could my editor possibly have planned it this perfectly?

Now what to do today. Ray-Anne suggested I do what I have to do then what I want to do. That sounds like a job for someone who eats their veges first. Not me I'm afraid. I am a girl with no willpower! So new phone is on charge and I'm looking up ringtones for my fave TV shows on the net right now ;).

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