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Wednesday, 25 July 2007

new cover!

I stumbled upon the cover for my second Modern Extra Sensual STEAMY SURRENDER online today. Steamy enough for you? I reckon!

Funny thing is she looks kinda like me! Same colour hair, same skin type. And he could just as easily be my handsome hubby with the dark hair and olive skin. Not sure that we'd be out and about dressed like that right now as its the middle of winter in Melbourne but... Morgan and Saxon could be a whole other kettle of fish.

Here's a sneak peak of some of their tale which hits bookstores in the UK this November:

‘What’s good here?’ Morgan asked.

It was simply too good a line to leave be. Itch or no itch. He held both arms wide to take in the whole shop. ‘Everything here will be the best you’ve ever had.’

Morgan laughed. Out loud. For she had no doubt the guy behind the counter had included himself in that statement. Cocky as well as cute, she thought. Though she only said, ‘That’s quite some claim.’

He placed a hand over his heart. Long fingers splayed out across a wall of cotton clad muscle. ‘I back it up with my own personal guarantee.’

'Brave business practice.’

‘Bravery suggests doubt. I’ve simply never had any complaints.’ His smile slid easily into a grin, all strong cheekbones and creased eyes and light-handed persuasion.

Morgan cleared her throat and trained her expression back towards ambivalent politeness. She was here to case the joint. Not to admire the merchandise. ‘I’ll take your word for it.’

You can pre-order STEAMY SURRENDER at Amazon UK, or check out more about the book on my website.

And if you like a bit of steam, my first sexy book, GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS is available online now in Australia and New Zealand from, or if you prefer to browse bookstores as I do, you can wait until next month.

And do keep an eye on Kate Walker's fabulous Fiftieth Book blog party as I'll be making an appearance there later this month with a fabulous giveaway! And Sid just chose me as the winner of a prize in appreciation of the crazy menagerie I have at my house. Thanks Sid!!!

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