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Tuesday, 10 July 2007

random thoughts

Edits are going beautifully! Have slashed a couple of thousand words and am inputting changes into computer right now. Well not right now, as I would need at least four hands for that. But soon. Any minute now. When I leave you good people alone.

Have you all been keeping up with Trish's Travels through the US of A? If not, do head on over to her blog for a hilarious read about the perils of fair skin in hot climes. And say hi to Sean the Leprechaun for me!

Oh, and I had another weird pregnancy dream last night. I dream a lot anyway, but these have been very strange and thematic. Somehow in every one of them my mother ends up with her hair in curlers or too busy packing her own suitcase - yes, suitcase - for the hospital to help me when the time comes! (Hi mum!!! Take note!!!)

Now, I've had my weekly fix of Senator McAllister in Brothers and Sisters which always gives me a nice leg up to my hero Damien who looks very much like Rob Lowe in my head. Come next Monday I'll be telling you more about that on the Pink Heart Society's Male on Monday spot, so don't forget to come along for a visit!

So off I go to slash slash slash!

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