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Sunday 22 July 2007


Cause you all liked my Riley so very much, here is some more of him ;).

Yes, it is a young Paul Newman. I'm sure my mum would argue there has been no better looking man ever to walk the planet . When I was young and silly and didn't know any different I was very much a Robert Redford girl. I guess he was younger, less complaex, had a cute smile. I mean there's no getting past the fact athat he was Hubble, right?
But Paul Newman, with that bone structure, those eyes, that love for his wife, those pasta sauces, and passion for what he does he's the winner in my book.
So now, well not now but hopefully in two days time when I've handed in my proof edits on FALLING FOR THE REBEL HEIR, I'll certainly hope to translate some of that, plus a huge dollop of lovely stuff brewing in my imagination, into creating Riley Jackman: one time truant turned Cambridge grad, family lawyer who has no idea what he's getting into when he's sent on a mission to track down one Felicity "Flick" Morgan on the other side of the world in coastal Victoria...

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