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Wednesday, 18 July 2007


I have a half dozen stories floating around in my head, some are Romances other Modex's and others again feel caught halfway in between. But finally the decision has been made.

Meet my new hero and heroine. They are Felicity "Flick" Morgan, feisty beachside tattoo artist and Riley Jackman, uptight London lawyer. Coming together in a book with the working title Tangled. Aren't they pretty?

I wrote the first chapter a few years back. Loved it. But the heroine was so full on it kind of floored me. The story reared its head again early last year when Trish Wylie, Natasha Oakley and I threw around the idea of writing a trilogy together. The heroine didn't feel quite so difficult at that time, but it never eventuated.

But now I have recast, replotted ( as much as a flimmer like me can) and am in the process of juicying up the first chapter ready to write the thing in full. Flick is still feisty, but I'm big enough and experienced enough now to can handle her.

Tell me I can handle her!

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