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Monday, 6 August 2007

busy busy

I have been...

Car hunting. Hoping I've found one we can test drive tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Cleaning. Ready to move what seems like EVERYTHING to prepare bub's room. Especially now since I've officially hit the third tirmester. Eek! I'm quite convinced this baby of mine has seventeen legs for all the movement and kicking and jabbing its doing. Though I love it. Watching my belly shift and move is the best thing in the world.

Blogging. At the Pink Heart Society and with Kate Walker and on the 1st of September I will be putting in an appearance at eHarlequin who have asked me "What Keeps me Writing?". Hmmmm... At the moment the thought of paying for new car and stuff for baby ;)..

Revisions. Which are going along beautifully. So far... I have a nice little alcove set up at the dining rom table with a double paged printout, red pens, pencils, fluro pens and my ed's notes. Add a big glass of water, a plate of M&Ms and a hot chocolate and I'm in heaven.

Footying. My team, the Collingwood Magpies, won last weekend!!! Which always puts a nice mood over the house. Bub loves it too. Everytime my team's song is played it kicks up a storm. Or maybe that's bub telling us all to keep quiet it's trying to sleep! But since this could be the last year in a looong time in which I get to go see every game in a footy season I'm making the most of it.

Coming up with a new book idea. Which is such a relief! As I have been swaying back and forth between old ides looking for something that grabbed me. In the end I decided to clear my head and wait for something brand new to come along. Here's hoping the story I've chosen is it. Please...

whimper whimper whimper

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