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Friday 21 September 2007


Here's my Aussie cover for my lates Modern Extra novel, STEAMY SURRENDER. Out now in the UK and in Aus/NZ come November.
Also... The lovely Sheryl at Cataromance just let me know that she gave the book a 4.5 star review!!! Here's what she said:

"Within the first ten pages of Steamy Surrender you are given a glimpse of the highly passionate, humorous and tender relationship between Morgan and Saxon, one that will have any reader hankering for more. The relationship between Saxon and Morgan is explosive, with each trying to outsmart and sometimes even seduce the other into giving up in their game of wit and strategy. I also loved how both these characters are written as down to earth but also intelligent people, people who have their own demons to bear. Ms Blake is a talented author who never fails to give me a fantastic story to read as she has done with Steamy Surrender."
Isn't that lovely?