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Thursday 20 September 2007

happy wedding anniversary to me!!!

Seven years ago today I was in Las Vegas I was eating a fabulous salad from the Luxor, downing leftover danish's I'd nicked from the buffet the day before and drinking champagne for breakfast.

Seven years... Boy does time fly. That said, my bub is due in just over six weeks. Lordy me. Anyone have a time machine so I can make things slow down for just a bit?
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Also, the lovely Jenna Bayley Burke just informed me that my BILLIONAIRE ON HER DOORSTEP is now part of a big sale at eHarlequin!!! You can pick up a copy there for...wait for it... 48c! I know, I should be gobsmacked, but I get paid royalties on the cover price, not the sale price thank goodness, so if you haven't read it, do go out and grab a copy today!!!
Liz Fielding said: "One of my favourite books was Ally Blake's, Billionaire on Her Doorstep. When you've written (and read) as many Romances as I have, you think there's nothing new. It's not true of course, but maybe one gets a little jaded. And then you pick up a book like Billionaire, with a quirky heroine who's searching for herself, a group of terrific, off the wall friends that you'd love to have yourself, and a hero to die for. Oh and the gorgeous setting along the Australian coast just made me long to be there...Treat yourself. "