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Sunday, 30 September 2007

herbert the splodge

I'd like you to meet Herbert. You can see a face in the splodge right? Well here's how our new householod member Herbert came to be...

We are in the process of pulling apart our house right now in preparation of the soon to be arriving baby. Carpet is being torn up, glossy white trim painted around all the doorframes, windows, on all the doors, and edges of the walls top and bottom.

The house is a mess and I love it! It feels like progress is being made!

And it’s especially fun because the old carpet is being replaced in a week so we haven’t put down any drop cloths as dripping paint isn’t a worry. That said, my hubby had an incident last night whereby he was giving the glossy white paint tin a little shake. The lid exploded off with a huge bang and paint went everywhere.

Normally this would send me into hysterics. But it was just so funny, seeing the poor fella sitting on the floor with half a tin of paint making a big wet white circle on the carpet. Named Herbert, by him. I'm not sure if I can blame the paint fumes or the fact that the poor guy isn't getting a moment to himself without me asking, "So what are you going to paint next? Huh? Huh?"

So this, my friends, is currently the baby's room. Nice huh?

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