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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

the world beneath my feet

Yesterday we selected new carpet for the whole house and flooring for our semi-new kitchen.

It was my dream when I was little that when I grew up, and lived in a castle of course, the great halls would have black and white tiled floors, just like the one on the left. Isn't that just gorgeous??? And I gave Hud, the hero in my upcoming FALLING FOR THE REBEL HEIR, such floors in the final scene of the book which I thought added a whole other level of romance to the piece, though I doubt anyone else would pick up the significance ;).

I had great hopes it would suit our kitchen and when the lovely guy came out with samples I found one I adored and hubby liked too and in ... the piccie on the right looks nothing like my kitchen but this will be my new floor!!!
Oh and we picked out carpet too, but that was far less exciting ;). Especially when you consider in three weeks time we somehow have to clear out the whole house of furniture, pull up the old carpet and get the furniture back in. And by "we" I mean my poor hubby as I'm fairly useless right now.

Anyone free to help lift heavy thing three weeks last Sunday? We can put on lunch to compensate, that is if we can get into the kitchen!