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Monday 8 October 2007

now presenting...

What with my office having nothing in it bar a desk and this computer - for the moment before even that gets taken away from me due to new capret going tin tomorrow... I thought I'd better get in bright and early to let y'all know that Monday we are very very proud to launch the brand new website for ...

The Authors of Modern Extra!!!
Click on their links on the sidebar to discover booklists, bios, super hot excerpts, sexy secrets revealed as they go under the spotlight, pics of their favourite hero inspiration (nothing like a bit of eye candy to start your day off right!), their favourite travel spots in and out of their novels, and lots of fun trivia!

You can also find the rundown on their websites, blogs, and where to find their books online.
  • Did you know that from January 2008 Modern Extra will be called Modern Heat in the UK?
  • Did you know that from January 2008 you will be able to grab Modern Heat books as part of the Harlequin Presents line EVERY MONTH??? (click here and scroll down to Harlequin Special releases to find the first titles!!!)
  • Did you know Kate Hardy has a thing for Antonio Banderas? (Okay so you probably did know that one ;))
If you didn't know then you'd better check out the "Sensational Romance" blog every month so you don't miss out on all the hot goss!!!

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