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Thursday, 29 November 2007

i'm gonna be a bridesmaid!!!

My gorgeous little sister Suze became engaged to her equally gorgeous boyfriend Luke a few weeks back. Now they've set a date, asked me to be bridesmaid, and I'm gonna get to wear a pretty party dress!!!

Suze was my only bridesmaid at my Las Vegas wedding and she looked so beautiful. I can only hope to outshine her as much as she outshone me ;).

This piccie to the left is of us both pregnant at the same time. No we didn't plan it that way, the fates quite simply aligned for us.

She had a beautiful little boy, Rory, just two months before my Bridget was born. This is him on the right. The cousins haven't yet met but come Christmas the cuddles are on! And since her bub is older she's the knowledgable one. Can you imagine how funny it feels ringing and messgaing my little sister for advice?

Thanks Suzie Q, and Luka for asking me to be so involved with your big day, I can't wait! Now just have to start losing some of this baby weight... Hmmm, does that mean I must now stop eating for two?