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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

my minor miracle

My revisions for RING A DING DING were emailed to my lovely editor late last night. Which feels like nothing less than a minor miracle!

Though it was a pleasure to revisit Veronica and Mitch who made for a really fun book. I can't wait for everyone to read my next two Romance in fact, they were both written when I was het up on pregnancy happy hormones and I think they actually helped. I suppose that means that my next bok, which will now be written without said happy hormones, and with odd sleeping patterns and baby brain fuzz will be...interesting to say the least.

As to my major miracle, Bridget currently has spots poor thing. Cradle cap they tell me. Funny thing is within about five seconds of staring into her eyes during playtime I just don't see the spots anymore. All I see is my beautiful girl.

She is growing at a rate of knots. Three weeks old today and I actually have to retire some outfits as too small already! Thankfully we have received so many beautiful outfits as pressies, and my lovely friend Emily gave me a whole bunch of perfect hand-me-downs so she won't be going naked anytime soon.

She now says "Gah" and "Grrr" as well as "Ack". And this morning when my hubby said "Hello" she immediately said "Ohhh" right on back. Three times in a row. He's determined that she is some kind of genius.

And do I hear her stirring? Yes I do!

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