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Monday 10 December 2007


Today the hardcovers for my next release, March 2008's FALLING FOR THE REBEL HEIR, arrived in the mail.

Seeing that box land on one's doorstep is always a huge thrill. And most times more than a little nerve wracking! Will the cover convey the characters you dreamed in your head? Will they be at the very least attractive and have the right coloured hair? Will one look female and the other male?

Well I believe this cover is just lovely and then some. Kendall has long red hair and is a bit of a free spirit, Hud's big, buff, dark and just yummilicious. Check! The back cover blurb is fantastic and says things about the book which I am most proud of. And see that little stream in the background, and the weeping willows and the grass beneath them? That is a scene straight out of my head!!!

Oh happy day!

For more about the book, check out it's page on my website...

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