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Friday, 21 December 2007

the storm

Melbourne was hit by one heck of a storm yesterday, with the south east, where I live being hit worst. Horizontal rain, hail, thunder and lightning that sent my usually brave puppy dog leaping into my lap for the duration.

The poor chooks got drenched, though they somehow have never learnt they can simply go into their warm dry hutch when it rains! They prefer hanging out beneath the mandarin tree. Don't they look too bedraggled for words? Well I promise this doesn't stop them coming barking at the back door looking for food!

What's worse? Our side fence fell down! I didn't even know it had happend until my hubby camke home and I went to the front door to greet him.

It landed upon my friend Mel's car - we're keeping it here while she's away over Chrissy - but did not one lick of damage bar a bent ariel. Phew! And it missed our brand new car by less than an inch. Sooooo close I had to take this photo.

They say there'll be an even bigger storm today. I'm battening down the hatches! Whatever that means exactly...