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Thursday, 27 December 2007

where do I sign up?

I finally get what Ms Natasha Oakley has been going on about all these years.

Say the words Richard Armitage and Ms Oakley will appear as though out of nowhere to join in the conversation. Yet I have never been convinced. Having only seen a plethora of photographs she has shoved upon me, my response was, "Yeeeeahhhhh, okay...". He's cute to be sure. But worthy of such unadulterated love?

And after experiencing the Vicar of Dibley Christmas Special over the past two weeks I'm on board. The Armitage Army has a new recruit. He's just lovely. Truly, truly lovely. Handsome, tall, lanky, warm, with a voice that makes a gal's knees just melt.

If you haven't seen this two part show, and have been a fan of the Vicar, you must go to your local DVD shop and buy it now. Boy oh boy did it leave me grinning, laughing myself silly, crying with real tears and holding a hand to my heart.

Gorgeous gorgeous stuff, from a gorgeous gorgeous writer, a gorgeous gorgeous star and now I agree, a gorgeous gorgeous actor in the form of Richard Armitage.

Now who promised they were going to lend me North and South?