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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

resolutions, lost causes, and life in general

Okay, so today's the day to make resolutions as to how one's life will be better this year. Better? I'm not quite sure what I would like in order for that to happen as today my life feels pretty darned good.

I could make promises to excercise more in order to lose baby weight in time for my sister's wedding ;) (see chubby cheeks to the left, mine not hers!), to eat less chocolate and more greens for the same reason, to set myself solid writing goals in order to write more than ever before, and to catch up more regularly with old friends and new in the flesh rather than purely on Facebook... But hey, I've been around long enough now to know my peronsality is set. There ain't no changing me! And that's just fine.

'Cause my little place on this globe is a good one. A blessed one. One with a husband I love, a family I adore including a beautiful little nephew I finally got to meet this week, and a gorgeous new baby I am enamoured with. Added to that I am smitten with my job, and am beyond happy living in the beautiful city which I am lucky to call home.

So bring on 2008 with all its newness and potential.
Here's to a big bright wide open year ahead and all it may entail.
Happy New Year!!!