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Saturday, 19 January 2008

time fillage

So my hubby bought me the complete set of the GILMORE GIRLS for Christmas.

Which is heavenly as there is nothing better to watch on telly while feeding my bub. a) I've already seen the show so I can watch ten minutes here and ten minutes there and not feel like I've missed a thing. b) it's fabulous. and c) it's a mother daughter thing which makes it feel extra special to watch with bub.

This was a truly romantic gift as my hubby can't stand the show. He thinks they all talk too fast, and the same way, and none of the characters can be differentiated one from the other. Which of course is rubbish as they all talk at the perfect pace and they talk the same because they all live in a small town and are friends and that's natural and the characters are pure bliss.

I love the dialogue, wish I looked like Lorelai in jeans, would happily cast any of Rory's boyfriends as heroes as they are all just super dreamy. And the episode where Luke shows Lorelai the horoscope she wrote which he's kept in his wallet since the day they met … Sigh…

Annnnnd we've never seen the last series and a half here on Aussie TV, so as I make my quiet gentle way through season two I am soooo excited about what's ahead. But I will not skip ahead. I will not! And I will not continue watching episodes when Bridget is asleep either. That wouldn't be fair. As she's never seen the series before…

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