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Friday 11 January 2008

xmas, aussie style

I was packing away my Chrissy cards today (I've kept every card ever sent to me...ever!) and I was looking longingly at the beautiful English snowy vista on the front of the card I received from the editors at Harlequin.

It's going to be over 40 degrees here for the next two days in Melbourne, hence the longing...

So even though it's a tad late I thought I ought to show off what an Aussie Christmas in the Blake house is all about.

It's all about opening the bedroom door to find loaded Christmas stockings. There used to once be just two for my sister and me, but now there are six for our partners and bubs. I love that! It's all about wearing gaudy Xmas earrings, and daggy logo t-shirts and dragging mismatched chairs around the tree to open the pressies.It's all about prawns, and soft drink dripping in condensation. It's all about red and green napkins from the colour melts all over your fingers. It's all about poppers and telling the bad jokes inside and wearing the party crowns from within.

And this year it was all about the bubs - Bridget and her cousin Rory. They had a lovely time, well their mums and dads did anyway opening up their lovely pressies. But my fave pic is this one - I call it duelling baby monitors. As we sat out on the deck as we always had in Christmases past, stuffing out bellies with seafood and stone fruit and chocolate, enjoying the light summer breeze, the bubs slept and their monitors lurked behind the flywire screen, discreetly, yet like electronic reminders of how different our Christmase from now on will really be.