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Tuesday 25 March 2008

falling for the rebel heir ... and marat safin!


Finding the perfect hero and heroine pictures takes much research for this writer. I have huuuuge files filled with pics of possible nominees but oftentimes I end up trawling google images. Sometimes it takes many hours, even days to find the right picture, or even better collection of pictures that sum up my hero and heroine. Especially the hero. Mmm, many man many hours were spent looking at pictures of this guy!

The tennis was on at the time therefore Marat Safin was front and centre. Like I needed that excuse!

Dear readers, I’d like you to meet Hud Bennington…

He was close enough now that she noticed a thin scar slicing through his stubble from the edge of his nose to his top lip. She knew about scars and the fact that it was still pink meant it was fairly recent.

Apart from that one flaw, it turned out he had a lovely straight nose and a strong jaw like one of the statues to be found hidden beneath the dense foliage in Claudel’s grounds. Up close his dark hair curled with a delectable just out of bed look. Like some sort of modern day Lord Bryon.

But all that was swept to the wayside when she glanced back into his eyes. Hazel they were. Deep dark enigmatic hazel clashing against the whitest of whites she’d ever seen framed by long dark lashes. And all that's best of dark and bright meet in his aspect and his eyes, she thought.

The guy was in need of a shave and haircut and a shopping expedition, but he was utterly gorgeous. So gorgeous she realised she had spent the past twenty seconds staring, and paraphrasing Byron, like she hadn’t seen a man this beautiful before. Up close. In the flesh.

A low, lazy hum of awareness settled in her belly.

Wow, that takes me back. Even now I wish I could write every book about him he was just sooo beautiful.

Now what kind of woman would it take to tame such a man? Come back later in the week to find out...


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