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Monday, 31 March 2008

falling for the rebel heir...and nice reviews!


As I wind down my week of inspiration posts about my current release, Harlequin Romance FALLING FOR THE REBEL HEIR I just found this lovely five star Amazon review as posted by a reader. Had to share!!! (I also added a few last piccies that helped me along my journey...)

Ally Blake's FALLING FOR THE REBEL HEIR is a wonderful romance of opposites. War-Zone correspondent photographer meets quiet, book-loving heroine who craves security. Trespassing, physical attraction and pursuit are one thing, but can they also find true love?

Kendall York doesn't like risks, not after a car accident took away her fiance and her light step. Seeing her external scars, feeling her internal scars, Kendall is afraid to truly live. Hudson Bennington III, prep school achiever and famous war-zone correspondent catches a glimpse of what appears to him to be a mermaid when he comes home to his estate and pool to find Kendall has made herself quite at home. Not able to get her out of his mind, he makes her a proposal -- to help him type his memoirs. In such close proximity, will their hearts find a home in each other? Have Kendall and Hud found the one person that can release them from the nightmares of their past or are their ambitions and dreams just too far apart?

FALLING FOR THE REBEL HEIR starts off with a bang as the hero catches the heroine trespassing on his property. An initial attraction leads to love as the author opens layer and layer of the richness of her characters. Each encounter between the hero and heroine shed those things which separate them, mainly class differences, careers, and even personality labels. Visual meets verbal as a photographer encounters a literary, Shakespeare-quoting heroine. Both Kendall and Hud find liberation from the scars of the past in sharing, but when ambition and Hud's job come into play, will Hud choose his job or love?

Readers of Ally Blake's previous book, BILLIONAIRE ON HER DOORSTEP, will enjoy her new romance FALLING FOR THE REBEL HEIR for the look inside her characters which characterizes both romances. FALLING FOR THE REBEL HEIR, however, looks further inside her characters while revealing increasing technical skill in this author's romance writing. Although the hero and heroine do confront each other as well in a verbal fireworks scene, the changes in them come from within. The pairing up of the hero and heroine starts some kind of chemistry, both physical and internal, but here the reader sees the inside evolution come from within each character.

FALLING FOR THE REBEL HEIR is Ally Blake romance at its best!

I remember Billy Joel once saying "it's not every job in which a man finishes a day's work and gets a standing ovation". This sure feels close.

The book is out now in the UK and North America and next month in Australia and New Zealand as part of the Mothers Day Gift Pack. You can also find it online here: UK, North America, Aus/NZ.

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