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Thursday, 27 March 2008

falling for the rebel heir...and rachel mcadams


My heroine came to me easily in this book. As soon as she rose from the depths of the hero’s pool a mermaid in all her glory this book became sprinkled with fairy dust, and so did she. For a mermaid / wood sprit / nymph who actually turns out to be utterly down to earth there was only one place I thought to go for inspiration…

Rachel McAdams, the fantastic actress from The Notebook, The Family Stone, The Wedding Crashers. Adore her to bits and her naturalness leant itself to my Kendall York with ease.

Dear readers, I’d like you to meet Kendall York…

‘I’m thinking you’re the one who ought not to be in here Miss...’

‘My name is none of your damn business, buddy.’

Kendall had taken self-defence classes since she’d come to town and moved in with Taffy. Two single girls living together she’d figured better safe than sorry. So she knew it was better to run than to try to make an assailant see reason.

She dropped the towel in order to grab her clothes, and then realised she was naked bar a sliver of Lycra covering not all that much skin. So she grabbed the towel again, then used it as a makeshift screen as she hurriedly pulled her long red sundress on over her swimmers.

It wasn’t until her head popped through the neck hole, and the dress dragged and twisted uncomfortably against her wet bathing suit, that she realised it was inside out and back to front. Too bad. Too late. He was getting nearer.

She grabbed her wet hair and tossed it over her back, and it instantly soaked right through to her skin making her feel clammy as well as anxious and embarrassed and just a little bit intimidated.

‘Now, don’t come any closer,’ she insisted, grabbing her Doc Marten boots and holding them in front of her like they were some kind of lethal weapon. For whatever reason that seemed to work. The guy stopped.

But does he stop there really? Me thinks not. Especially when he begins to see that his mermaid is very very real.

So we’ve seen Claudel, we’ve met Hud and Kendall, we’ve been inside the all important pool house, but I still have a smattering of other piccies that will show you behind the scenes of FALLING FOR THE REBEL HEIR. Come back later for a sneak peek of my favourite places inside the book!


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