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Thursday 3 January 2008

a new romance

Okay, so to start off the enw year with good habits, I've started writing my next Harlequin Romance at the same time as I'm writing the Modern Heat book due in mid February.

I used to always write this way so that when one book is finished the next is a third of the way done.

So if Caleb and Ava's sexy reunion romance in Hanky Panky hits a stale spot, I can head on over to my New Romance which so far is trundling on very nicely indeed.

Especially with my latest discovery - and yes I know I am waaaaay behind the times - Richard Armitage at the helm as my new romantic hero. Nice? Yep, nice.

On the right is Wynnie, and on the left...I'm not yet sure. The Armitage Army is out in force trying to help me name him. Too much fun!

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