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Monday, 23 June 2008

okay, this is getting ridiculous

I've written a fairy dust book once before. FALLING FOR THE REBEL HEIR was filled with fairies, and wood nymphs and memories and ghosts and even a mermaid. But the book I've just finished - YIPPEE! - seems to have overtaken that one in terms of the amount of input my muse has had without my knowing.

A couple of posts back I waxed lyrical on some of the magic monets that have slammed me back into my chair over the past weeks. Today I had another.

My heroine is an astronomer. And my hero quotes Shakespeare a handful of times without quite ever remembering who he's quoting.

Now I did know Rosalind was a character from As You Like It, but the Shakespeare quotes have appeared from nowhere. Sorry Muse, oh Muse. They came by way of you oh mighty Muse. But today when I went googling the name just for the fun of it, the first page that popped up on my screen told me that Rosalind is the name of the eighth moon of Uranus. Sheesh!!!

This book is running late, but now I know why. I was meant to discover the trillion little throughlines and impossibilites that have been put into the book wihtout any forethought from me. Why? It's all about the fairy dust, my friends. The fairy dust.

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