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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

happy new year!

Today is the first day of July!!!

In Australia that's the start of a new financial year. And since I am a complete and utter addict when it comes to all things paper (coloured paper, post-it notes, filling out any kind of paperwork, forms, tax returns - seriously!) then I'm in heaven.

Today I get to open my beautiful new red leather 08/09 day to a page diary and pretend like it's going to help me be more organised. To keep my to-do-lists in one place, not on scrap paper all over the house. To keep track of my writing targets each day. To make story notes that don't end up in the back pocket of my jeans and through the wash. To get my Pink Heart Society posts up to date weeks in advance...

And to take a deep breath and leap into a brand new story, this one lovingly entitled The Cat's Pyjamas. Meg and I come!