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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

getting down in japan

Every other day I seem to get books in the mail; my translations from all around the world. And it's always a happy little surprise to see where a book has come out. Especially when the cover is one I've never seen before!

I madly flick to the inside front cover, or if it's Japanese as the one here is, to the back of the book to see which story it might be. This one here is the Japanese translation of my first ever Modern Heat GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS. And I just love love loooove it!!!

Don't you think there is so much fun and and flirtation in this picture? He is just super yummy and ubder confident which Flynn most definitely is, and she has a smart, slightly uptight look about her that is perfect for my Abbey.

If you'd like to see who I cast as Flynn and Abbey, check out my hero and heroine inspiration pages. If you want to know more about the book, go here. Or if you can read Japanese head on over to the Harlequin site to find out where you can buy the book!