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Sunday, 24 August 2008

luke loves suze, suze loves luke

I've been away the past few days, as I was given the amazing honour of being my little sister's bridesmaid.

Being that we live two hours apart by plane, I was the lucky one to organise a hen's tea, to help choose her gown, to get a pretty dress, and to be her witness, while so many of her wonderful friends were stand-in 'maids' over the past weeks. Hugs to them all!!!

After a week of grey skies, Saturday dawned beautiful and blue. We had our hair and make-up done by a gem of a woman who brought champagne and fudge, and she made us look smashing. Driving to the park with my dad chaffeuring the two of us was crazy fun. Walking through the park, a respectable half an hour late, was a walk I'll never forget. The serene blue sky, the warm sun beating down upon our face in the middle of winter, my arm linked with my sister's, our dad on her left, a dirt path beneath our feet, a promenade of tall trees to either side, sounds of kids playing, the scent of BBQ on the air.

And then the moment we crossed the bridge to find all of Suze's friends, family and her beautiful beau Luke, looking resplendant and very much in love. From the stories I heard later he was like an exited puppy all week just itching for the big day to hurry up and arrive.

Luke has been a part of our family for as long as he saw my sister across a crowded bar. They have a beautiful, sweet, clever little boy two months older than my Boo which only made the family bigger. But watching them have their day on Satuday was more gorgeous than I can even say. The vows, the look on his face, the number of friends who travelled from far far away...just gorgeous. Heck, I tried to say it in my speech which was officially the blubberingest bridesmaid speech ever. I apparently made everyone cry, and not from any kind of beautiful romantic prose but because I was such a happy mess.

Particular great moments of the weekend were: Suze and Luke carving their initials into the tree under which they wree married, the four of us in the bridal party stopping off for a breather and a Guiness at a local pub between the ceremony and the reception giving everyone there a thrill ;), dancing close with my hubby, and watching my sister's strong little family standing together at the pub the next day.

Suzie Q and her Luka, hugs and love to you both!!!