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Thursday, 9 October 2008

come say "hi"!

Come say hi at Liz Fielding's blog where I am helping her celebrate the release of her 50th book!

I love Liz. Apart from being the first wonderful woman to ask me to design a website for them, she is also a hell of a writer. The Best Man and the Bridesmaid is truly one of the most delightful, fresh, unique, fun romps I've ever read. And that's just one of the 50 fab novels she's penned.

On her blog I'm nattering about writing with a split personality, especially with books in two lines, Romance and Modern Heat out in the UK this month, it sure feels that way!

Maybe I should get two different hats; for for when I am representing each line. Heck for when I'm writing for each line. A have a beautiful white folaral garland I wore when writing my first ever Harlequin Romance (yes I actually wore it - only once or twice did I forget and answer the door as such!) But what to wear for Modern Heat? Maybe a big, red, exotic, sassy feather sticking out of my ponytail.

Okay, time to stop listening to me now as I am obviously going bonkers. Head on over to Liz's blog where things are much more sophisticated and lovely and cool.