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Wednesday 1 October 2008

double whammy

This month sees the release of two brand new books in the United Kingdom, and one in North America!


Harlequin Romance, North America and United Kingdom

Auctioneer Veronica Bing has left the glitz and glamour and year long sunshine of the Gold Coast to come home to Melbourne, a city that harbours sad memories she'd rather have left behind. But that's what a girl has to do when she has a touchy feely boss, car payments up the wazoo and a job opportunity of a lifetime...

Mitch Hanover is willing to give Hanover House, the venerable art and antique auction house his parents started years before, one last chance to tow the line or the Hanover Enterprises business he has since built into an empire is going to have to let it go. Finding a new auctioneer to run what may well be the last show the crumbling old building ever sees is his last throw of the dice.

When a hot pink corvette rumbles up to the kerb outside and out steps a brunette bombshell in knee-high boots and a Rolling Stones t-shirt, he wonders what he's let himself in for...

Romantic Times gave her 4&1/2 stars saying "Hired: The Boss's Bride is as breezy, sexy and warm hearted as its remarkable heroine, and its hero is pretty special too."

Read more about the book here. Buy online from the UK, or North America.


Mills and Boon Modern Heat, United Kingdom

As society playboy Caleb Gilchrist stands up as best man to his best friend he wonders if the whole world has gone mad. Is he the only one not running off to get married and live happily ever after?

Then within the mass of frippery and finery in the wedding chapel crowd he sees Ava Halliburton. The girl who a decade before had left him standing in a crowded airport with his heart in ashes at his feet. A woman who it seems can make his heart race more than any before or since. The one that got away. The groom's sister.

If only he wasn't the only one in the room who didn't believe in happy endings...

If you loved THE MAGNATE'S INDECENT PROPOSAL, then revisit Damien, Chelsea, kensey and best of all bad bad Caleb... And he'll be hitting North American shores next month!

Read more about the book here. Buy online from the UK or North America.

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