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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

profound beauty

Today is a great day in my home town of Melbourne. Today we get to experience the race that stops the nation. Every home, every shop, every workplace across Australia will come to a halt at 3pm so everyone can crowd around whatever TVs and radios are available so they can listen to the longest, and most pretigious horse race in the country.

A year ago on the first Tuesday in November my little Boo was born. She kindly arrived at 12:12 so by the time we were ready to move out of the delivery suite, the race was on. Needless to say we stayed an extra five minutes, and the midwives, my hubby, my Boo and I watched the race together!

We'll put a bet on for her every cup day. Profound Beauty is hers today, a gorgeous shiny dark thouroughbred. I'm for Newport at much longer odds as it won for me a couple of weeks back. Here's hoping we get one and two!!!