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Sunday, 9 November 2008

wake me in a week

My little Boo turned one on Thursday!!!

One, sheesh, where did the time go??? Oh right, changing nappies, preparing food, crawling around on the floor chasing her down the hall, playing with things that squeak and buzz and sing and rattle, reading her favourite books over and over and over... And giving and receiving of lots of lovely smoochy hugs and kisses with the cutest girl on the planet.

This week we've had rellies come from interstate. We've taken her to the beach for the first time - she looooved it! Loved the water, loved chasing the seagulls, loved flirting with the six year old boy making sandcastles nearby. We had her birthday party at the Zoo so all her friends came, we ate a cake in the shape of a butterfly, we saw real butterflies by the hundreds, and elephants and lions and orangutans. She has lots of gorgeous new toys which have made our loungeroom even less habitable.

It's been wonderful. And exhausting. And does this mean my baby is not a baby anymore? Nahhh...

Happy Birthday Boo!!!