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Wednesday 28 January 2009


This month I've somehow found the time to read more than books than I've read in the last year, and so many of them I've enjoyed immensiely! In the spirit of sharing I'll be doing little shout outs this year about books I've loved.

First up: CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC by Sophie Kinsella. I know, I now I'm sooo behind the times, but give me a break. I'm a writer and I have a toddler. The minute and a half before I fall into a deep slumber when my head hits the pillow of a night is the only reading time I have.

Anyhoo, I loooved this book. It had me cracking up laughing all over the shop. Especially the littany of letters from the banks telling our poor heroine Rebecca Bloomwood of her dismal credit. But it also was a book that gave me shivers. I'm a shopper. I enjoy packing Boo into the car on a hot day and sucking up the air-con, browsing through the kidswear shops, Borders, Officeworks, department stores. And I rarely come home without buying something. Even if it's just one little thing. A sale t-shirt in Boo's next size. And even though she's the worst version of myself, the way she could talk herself into spending money still gave me pause.

Fab book. Great fun. Romance included. And it's coming out as a film starring the gorgeous Isla Fisher and directed by heavenly PJ Hogan (of 'Muriel's Wedding' and 'My Best Friend's Wedding' fame).

Happy reading!