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Monday, 23 March 2009

i'm free!... for now

Having sent off the revisions on my latest Harlequin Romance RUSH (working title) this morning somewhere around the very blurrrrry time of 1:30am I'm extremely hopeful that my editor loves what she reads!

This is the third book I have written about the Kelly family, the first of which comes out this July. And having known Meg Kelly through all three books, and adoring Zach Jones to bits for the past couple of months I do so hope they get their day in the sun.

My calendar is blissfully devoid of notes. Well it was ;). Now I'm heading off to dinner and movies tonight with three girlfriends to see Just Not That Into You. How civilised is that? Especially for a creautre who has been tied to her computer for the past...forever. Then this weekend my godmother and her hubby are coming down to Melbourne to see out the first game of the footy season with us. Go Pies!!!

As to the rest of my life, my toddler is walking like a champ, talking like an outdoor motor (she practically repeats back every word we say, and is sooo excited to learn what everything is called, over and over and over ;). Is it just me or are they amazing at 16 months??? My baby belly is huuuge and I'd very much like to lie down for the next 2 months and be fed grapes by... well, anyone who'se up for the job really!

Hope everyone else out there is super well, and reading up a storm. I plan on diving into my To Be Read pile before diving into my next Kelly book, a Modern Heat I've called STRIPPED. Aaah, Ronan and Pippa, you have no idea the deliciousness I have in store for you ;).

Now Boo's just woken up - I can hear her yabbering "Pool...Dadddy...Kick...Ball...Bubbles" so have to now go try to explain, again, that it's another 6 days before we get to go swimming again. Wish me luck!