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Monday, 2 March 2009

what i've been doing of late

Back from a week's holiday visiting family. Was looovely catching up with all, especially for the toddler to play with her little cousins. Though she did come home with the words "turtle", "six", and "eight", here's hoping they didn't teach each other any bad habits! (Apologies to Suze for stealing Rory's leftover Rogan Josh)

Here's my gorgeous toddler toddling around the airport. You can't wait for the day they can walk then the minute they realise they know how, there's just no stopping them! I reckon she'd have walked home while we caught the plane if she'd had the choice! (Apologies to anyone she accosted at any airport we visited)

Now every spare moment she sleeps I am madly finishing a book due like now. Meg and Zach are lovely. But in usual Ally Blake fashion their story is refusing to be told in less than a trillion words. (Apologies to ed who'll be receiving this opus any day!)

I'm also mentally making notes on the Romance Writing Course I'm doing at Montrose Library on the 17th. Do check out my website to find out how to book a spot. I promise if you've wanted to write a romance and never knew where to start, or you've written one and don't know what to do next, I've got you covered!

So final apologies for being so absent and here's a heads up it'll be continuing a tad longer. Til then, happy reading!!!