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Thursday, 28 May 2009

stars, stars, and more stars

Taking time out from snuggling with my heavenly delicious newborn and chasing after Toddler Girl to let y'all know about the gorgeous four and a half star review I just received from Romantic Times for my July Harlequin Romance DATING THE REBEL TYCOON.

A chance meeting with developer Cameron Kelly, her high school crush, turns astronomer Rosie Harper's carefree life upside down. Their whirlwind romance catches Cam by surprise too; he's used to moving on the minute things get serious, but something about Rosie makes him want to stay. With Rosie, Cam is brave enough to face his family at a party for his estranged father, but the evening doesn't end well. Winning her back won't be easy, but Cam's a determined man. Fast-paced and sexy, graced with great characters and funny dialogue, this one's a standout from start to finish.

How lovely is that??

Then the fabulous Nancy who is super fast and has read the book already had this to say on eHarlequin : Ally Blake is fast becoming one of my favorite authors and this book really brings home to me why I like her writing so much. She has a gift for stringing words together in a way that makes my heart sing for the hero and the heroine. She pens believable characters, no matter their circumstances, trying to make their lives work in a way that does not cause undue pain. But when attraction strikes they have to grow and change. She creates strong heroines and alpha males in touch with their gentler side. Her heroine thinks of her hero, “a man who might be bullheaded, but then so was she. While he was also gentle. Gentlemanly. Incredibly strong. Generous. Funny. Attentive. He had a huge heart and the soul of a dreamer.” What a guy! I love this story—well done!

Awwwwww!!! Thanks Nancy!!!

DATING THE REBEL TYCOON is the first of my books about the ultra fabulous Kelly family and is out in July in North America and the UK with other markets to follow. Watch my website for more details!

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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

baby news

A quick note to let you all know that my baby daughter has arrived! (How pleasant and civilised does that sound? As though she appeared on our doorstep wraped in a big pink bow ;))

Veronica was born (again with the passive terminology - it's an avoidance technique I'm sure!!) last Friday the 15th and she's truly a beautiful, gorgeous, sweet, yummy little soul.

As to where I'll be the next little while? Sitting back with her warm little head tucked under my chin, her soft little body cuddled in my arms, drinking in new baby smell while Toddler Girl runs an ablosute muck!


Friday, 8 May 2009

where am I?

Just a quick update to let you know I'm lying low at the mo'. How's that for poetry???

My latest opus is with my editor, and I'm taking things verrrry easy - eg. putting up baby furniture, socialising with my girlfriends as much as I can, catching up on a backlog of movies I haven't seen (Marley & Me, Nights in Rodanthe and Australia in the past few days alone!!!), shopping for last minute baby things, packing and repacking my hospital bags, washing baby things. Okay, so running around like a mad chook!!!

But mostly I'm hanging out with Toddler Girl - reading her fave books, drawing pictures(I'm amazingly good at doing Humpty Dumpty and Iggle Piggle upside down, not so good at numbers), watching the same scenes from Mary Poppins over and over and over, chasing her around the house as much as a basically 9 month pregnant woman can - while I await those first pangs to come from nowhere!

So if you don't hear any updates from me for a while, that's why!

'Til then, don't forget BARGAINING WITH THE BILLIONAIRE is out now! It's a 3 book collection with my HOW TO MARRY A BILLIONAIRE alongside stories by Robyn Donald and Kay Thorpe. Those of you in the UK can pick up a copy in store, for everyone else the collection is now available as an eBook.

Happy reading,

Friday, 1 May 2009

you asked for it!

I'm so excited... My first ever "By Request" - a re-release of a past story, is out now in the UK! BARGAINING WITH THE BILLIONAIRE is a 3 book collection with stories by Robyn Donald and Kay Thorpe and me.


My fourth book, and one of my bestselling novels around the world was HOW TO MARRY A BILLIONAIRE and it has some tales to tell! It's the only book for which I chose the title. The only book I've written that had NO revisions. Not a single word. And after ditching the book I had spent months writing, I instead wrote this one in 16 days, so it's by far the fastest book I've ever written.


Cara checked her lip gloss in her compact mirror for the third time on the cab drive over.
She closed the compact, smacked her lips together once more and found the taxi driver watching her in the rear vision mirror. She sent him a self-conscious smile.
‘Big date?’ he asked.
Cara shook her head. ‘Job interview.’
‘At the TV station? What sort of job? Are you a newsreader or something?’
‘No, nothing like that. I’m hoping to land a job on one of those new dating shows. I don’t even know the title or anything. It’s all pretty hush hush, actually.’
She jolted forward lightly in her seat as he unexpectedly pumped the brakes.
‘Really?’ the driver said. ‘Are you going to be one of those girls in bikinis who sit in a hot tub all day?’
‘Gosh no!’ she declared. ‘I’m a behind the scenes type. I’m going for the job of styling the male lead in the show.’
‘Oh,’ the driver said before focussing more fully on the road ahead. Obviously hot tubs and bikinis were much more his scene.


Romantic Times 4 stars: "Ally Blake's How to Marry a Billionaire is a light-hearted fantasy with an engaging plot and great characters. Just plain fun."

re-released in a 3 book collection alongside stories by Robyn Donald and Kay Thorpe.

Order now online!

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