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Friday, 17 July 2009

the cutting room floor :: ufo sightings

As part of my "what got cut out" from my current Harlequin Romance novel DATING THE REBEL TYCOON pre-publication series of posts (check out an older post to see what I mean), here's the answer to the final question which was...

Where does Cameron do most of his UFO spotting?

This answer scomes straight from my husband - who of course is the inspiration behind ALL my heroes. Hi, honey bun!!! The man is a Youtube addict. And what can he on there for hours at a time? Look up footage of UFO sightings. My heroine Rosie is an astronomer, so come on, I had to right???

Now this little bit of my hubby in Cameron wasn't completely taken away, it was moved from one character to another. It was orignally a comment made by Cameron's sister's best friend Tabitha. Got that? Needing - again - to cut down on banter, Tabitha's one scene was cropped massively. But I loved the reference so much I kept it, sliding it on over to my willing hero instead!

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