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Thursday, 30 July 2009

the perfect pressie

My hubby gave me a camera for my birthday. A fancy one. With lenses and several different flash settings and aperture thingies and white balance and too many functions to even begin to pretend I've figured them out as yet. But it's beautiful. Truly. Even on auto, point and click and the kids look like they've stepped out of a Pumpkin Patch catalogue.

In fact I've have spent so much of the past couple of weeks following my poor daughters around with the thing permanently hanging from my neck. Toddler Girl hit a point where she started complaining every time the camera came out. Hence the number of photos of her pretending to cry ;). Then she realised by my taking photos she could continuously look at pictures of herself in return. The mirrors in the house are getting a break ;).

Is it strange that my husband and I, rather than settling back in bliss that we are finally alone, manage to spend every evening scrolling through pictures of the girls after they've fallen asleep?

Thanks Bub, for my perfect pressie - the two beautiful girls I am loving taking photos of.