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Thursday 13 August 2009

# 20 sold!

I've just learned from my faaaabulous editor that I have sold my twentieth book.

Twenty. Wow. Saying that out loud makes it sound just crazy!

I can still remember writing my first book THE WEDDING WISH. Standing in line at the post office sweating and feeling sick to the stomach as I sent it away to Mills and Boon. Hoping that I might at least get an encouraging rejection letter. Answering the phone and hearing that beautiful English accent and knowing it was them. I remember the long chat before we got to the point which was that the lady with the beautiful English accent wanted to buy my book! Leaping so high I hit the ceiling with my hand. Champagne flowing. My first title - - how pretty right? My first release date. Finding my first box of hardvoer books with my name on them at the front door.

Now I'm up to number twenty. And you know what? As I sit here letting the news sink in it's truly just as exciting as the first.

MILLIONAIRE DAD'S SOS is my third book about the Kelly kids. Books one - DATING THE REBEL TYCOON - and two - GETTING RED-HOT WITH THE ROGUE - are both out now around the world!!!

MILLIONARE DAD'S SOS will be out in the UK and North America in April next year. Check out my website for more!

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