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Tuesday 20 October 2009

meet dylan kelly

I'd like you all to meet Dylan Kelly, the hero of my current novel, GETTING RED-HOT WITH THE ROGUE.

Ah Dylan. What a pleasure he was to get to know. The second son in Brisbane's wealthiest most infamous family. The cheeky, irreverant, ambitious, playboy spare. Oh, was I ever inspired by Mr Brad Pitt. The flat blue stare. The shaggy dark blonde locks. The confident charm. The deep, lazy drawl.

Sound like your cup of tea? Well, here's a little taste...

Finally the crowd cleared, and through the parted waters came a man. Standard light blue shirt. Discreetly striped tie. Dark suit. So far not so much the kind of devil she had in mind.

But the closer she got the more the details came into focus. His suit was tailored precisely to highlight every hard plane of the kind of body that spoke of restrained power, and made walking through big cities at lunchtime a guilty pleasure. His clenched jaw was so sharp it looked to be chiselled from granite. His dark-blonde hair was short, but with just enough scruff to make a girl want to run her fingers through it. Tame it. Tame him.

The thing that trapped her gaze and held it was a pair of hooded blue eyes. She knew they were blue even though she couldn’t actually see them. With all the other inducements he had on show, there was no other colour they’d dare be.

And it was then that she realised they were trained completely on her. Flat, piercing, bewitching baby blue.

And he wasn’t merely looking at her, he was looking into her. Like he was searching for the answer to a question only he knew. Her throat tightened and her mouth felt unnaturally dry, and whatever the question was, the only answer her mind formed was, ‘Yes’.

Boy do I miss this man!

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