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Thursday 10 December 2009

sweet sixteen and bitten!

While my lovely sister was visiting we saw the latest instalment of the Twilight Saga, New Moon.

I'm not sure if it was the fact that it's only like the third film I've seen actually at the movies in the last 2 years, or the fact that I am, at heart, still a sixteen year old girl who loves dreaming up crushes on handsome boys so much I do it for a living, but I had a ball! The secondary were characters a riot. Bella warm, and selfish, and interesting. And best of all the love story/ies was/were breathless.

We had to sit in the second front row which made for some Olympic level neck craning but the girl at the ticket window was right - it did give us the best angle from which to ogle young Jacob Black's musclulature. Oh my. I mean I was firmly in Team Jacob after reading the books, but now I simply pity those in Team Edward. Tho, since I am not actually sixteen I shall move on...

The sixteen year old within me loves high school movies to absolute bits. Give me High School Musical, Ten Things I Hate About You, and any of their ilk and I'm in hog heaven. If I was still sixteen I'd be one of those lined up at the red carpet events to get a glimpse of that crowd. Treating them like rock stars. Screaming their names. Boy I miss those days!

But again, I'm not sixteen. I am a mother of two with limited movie going time who ended up sitting next to two actual sixteen year old girls. One of whom had obviously read New Moon a thousand times, the other who had not. After After thinking their continued sighing and giggling in the first half of the movie was cute, this is how things soon went...

Girl # 2: "Oh my God is Jacob about to kiss her???"
Girl # 1: "No not yet."
Girl # 2: "Oh phew."

Five minutes later.

Girl # 2: "Oh my God is Bella gonna like die?"
Girl # 1: "Don't worry she'll be fine. Jacob, like, rescues her just before the baddie girl gets her."

Needless to say, having the movie commentated to me before it actually happened got old fast. I stuck my finger in my left ear I cleared my throat alot. I even considered asking them to hush up. But that just would have been mean, 'cause tho I was there, enjoying the bejeezers out of it, the movie had really been made for them.

So I moved. In a packed theatre, I got up and moved. At sixteen I would have sat still as a statue and fumed. As an adult I simply found a better seat. Turns out I kinda like being a grown up after all.