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Sunday, 25 April 2010

great flicks!

I've seen a host of great flicks of late, borrowed from friends and watched in snippets while kidlets are asleep or scoffing vegemite sandwiches. Here's my quick reviews:

The Blind Side. Real, nuanced, moving, brilliantly non-schmaltzy considering the subject mater is sooo heart-warming. Sandra Bullock is BRILLIANT. Tough, subtle, likeable. Lovd it to bits. And so - shock! - did hubby.

Moon. Hubby and I stuck it in the DVD player one night to see what it was about and simply didn't turn it off! A practical one man show. Fascinating, clever, sad. Sam Rockwell rocks!

The Time Traveller's Wife. Never read the book as I'd heard as many people loved it as those who couldn't get past the first chapter and this mum can't be concentrating too hard in the 5 minutes reading time I get a day before falling asleep! Enjoyed the film. Well handled. Adore Rachel McAdams always. Eric Bana was lovely. Great chemistry. Just wish the art direction had been a little lighter.

Any new to DVD movies you can recommend? I have the bug!!!