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Sunday, 18 April 2010

meet juniper falls

MILLIONAIRE DAD'S SOS (out now in the UK!) is set in the beautiful surrounds of the Juniper Falls Rainforest Retreat. It's a made up joint, but the National Park in the depths of the Gold Coast Hinterland is not.

Think winding roads leading through massive rain forest trees. Hidden waterfalls at the end of tropical walks. Heavy dank air that smells of fresh water and summer. Add in a mountain top lake, a hideaway resort and a gorgeous guy, Juniper Falls is a place worth believing in!

Here's a taste...

Meg followed Zach into a gap in the rock. And darkness. And sudden dank coolness. The sweat covering her whole body brought her skin up in goose bumps.

Bit by bit, step by slow step, Meg’s eyes became used to the gloom. Up ahead, through the bobbing heads of her fellow hikers, there was light. Eerie, green light.

Then suddenly she stepped onto the edge of a high-domed cave. At her feet lapped a pool of bright green water clear enough to see the floor was made of a tumble of smooth stones of all shapes and sizes. Above, through a gap way up high in the ceiling, a stunning, glowing, white sheet of water splashed magnificently into the deep centre of the pool. It was literally one of the most beautiful things she’d ever seen.

‘I give you Juniper Falls,’ Zach said from somewhere to her right.

Meg couldn’t think of a thing to say back. She just let it wash over her – the noise, the colour, the primal violence and beauty of it all.

‘Worth the early start?’ Zach asked some time later.

‘And then some,’ she said, drawing her eyes away from the spectacle to give him a quick smile.

A couple of nearby cameras flashes went off. She took a step away from him, her eyes instantly scanning the crowd for the offender. But everyone was ogling the waterfall, not their blurry shapes in the semi-darkness.

‘Photos don’t do it justice,’ he said. ‘Just look, listen, absorb, get your fill. You won’t forget. This moment will be with you forever.’

While Zach kept his gaze dead ahead, and despite the splendour raging in front of her, Meg’s remained locked on him.

As though he knew just what she was taking her fill of, he turned to look at her. His brows came together and his right cheek creased into a sexy arch, questioning her. She shook her head, shrugged. What could she possibly say?

I hope it gives you a little ray of sunshine as summer heads your way (or leaves you behind for those in the Southern Hemisphere!)
April UK, May AUS/NZ

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