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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

meet meg KELLY

Meet Meg Kelly, only girl in the verrrry infamous and very macho Kelly family from MILLIONAIRE DAD'S SOS. (I mean have you seen her brothers Dylan & Cameron? If not check out their stories too!)

Here's a little taste of what Zach Kelly thinks of her when they first meet, and keep in mind, she's one of the most famous women in the country, so a guy who sees anything beyond the facade she shows the world is an impressive thing...

Now why did he have to go and touch her?

A simple, ‘Watch out for the tree,’ would have sufficed. Instead, constant glimpses of that tattoo peeking out from the rise of her shorts had been like a magnet.

Now he had to do this thing with the sensation of that soft warm skin imprinted on the tips of his fingers.

Zach curled said fingers into his palm and took a small step to the left to add a little more physical distance between himself and the woman at his side. The woman whose very proximity could expose everything he’d worked so hard to keep preserved. Protected. Pure.

He stretched out his shoulders and shot her a sideways glance. He had to concede that for a woman who appeared to bloom under the spotlight like an orchid in a hothouse, in person she was smaller, more low-key, and more approachable than he’d expected her to be. Funny, mischievous, switched on...

Until provoked, he reminded himself. Then the spice far outweighed the sugar.

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