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Friday 25 June 2010

did she love it?

Yes she did!

As an adendum to yesterday's post about Toddler Girl's first foray to the movies, she looooved it! Mind you if it had been anything other than Toy Story 3 I'd bet a pantry full of chocolate she wouldn't have lasted 2 minutes. But according to hubby she was mesmerised.

And lucky for the rest of the cinema she commentated the entire way through. If they didn't know which character was Woody, she let them know. If they didn't realise, a new character had arrived on the scene, she let them know. She even let them know when things got a bit hairy. Apparently there was one moment when she turned to my hubby, patted him on the arm and said, "It's alright Daddy," just in case he didn't realise it would all work out in the end.

Wish I was there? You bet. Thrilled Toddler Girl and her Daddy got to experience it together instead? More than anything.

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Thursday 24 June 2010

off to the movies

My baby - now 2 and a half - is off to her first movie today.

The girl is crazy about Woody. And Buzz. And the rest of the Toy Story gang. So she and her Daddy have headed off to see Toy Story 3. I fully expected them to be home within half an hour, but an hour and a half has passed with no sign of them.

I'm bouncing on my chair, so eager to hear what she thought! Did she chatter the whole time? Did she sit still? Did she watch, amazed, with eyes open wide, and a smile spread across her face?

And when do I get to go see the flick???!?!?!?!!!

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Monday 14 June 2010

blush inducing review

A big thanks to the lovely, and discerning ;), Nicola Marsh who wrote a gorgeous review of my latest book MILLIONAIRE DAD'S SOS at eHarlequin.

She said: Loved this! Ally Blake has penned a poignant, heartwarming, very real story, with an interesting setting of a rainforest Wellness retreat. Your heart will bleed for Meg Kelly, the feisty heroine, and you'll want to be her when you meet Zach Jones, the scrumptious hero. M&B Romance at its best.

Awww, ta Nic! My cheeks are pink.

If that's sold you, you can buy the book from the Book Depository here, with free delivery worldwide!

Check out Nic's other reviews and and her delicious line-up of upcoming books for both Harlequin Romance and Harlequin Presents here.

Friday 11 June 2010

the process & mixing it up

Busy busy, writing writing. And love love loving this book!

I write long. Infamously long and always have to cut back, but when my current book, fondly known by me as THE LONG WEEKEND hit 65,000 words way before it was even finished I knew something had to be done.

So I went back to the beginning and started completely afresh. Same characters, same story, just getting to the point ever so slightly differently and wayyyy quicker. I've never worked this way before but it's working a treat.

It's probably helping that I get to gaze at piccies of this guy all the time ;).

Add daily treks with my beautiful new laptop to my favourite cafe with 80s classics booming through my snazzy new pink MP3 player and coffee and a massive raspberry and white chocolate muffin within reach and I love my job.

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