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Wednesday 7 July 2010

the buzz of a new idea

Today - after a week off which went so quickly! - I'm in that blissful, now-what-will-my-next-book-be-about phase.

There's already hero and a heoine bubbling away quite nicely in my head which is always a comforting thing at this stage. Yet, today, just to be sure, I sat down to have a glance at the half dozen ideas I'd had for possible stories over the last couple of months to see which grabbed my fancy most.

One of the fun things about this job is that it's full of surprises. And I had a lovely surprise today. An idea I'd completely forgotten about! Working title Poison. I got a rush just reading my notes and thinking about what a fun cute-meet the hero and heroine could have and what a romp their story could be. So the bubbling story has been pushed to the wayside while the fresh one has leap to the front of the race.

This is the hero, Nate. Yum right?