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Saturday 3 July 2010

going, going...gone!

It is such a lovely feeling sending off a completed book to one's editor. And last night I had that feeling when I finished my latest Modern Heat THE LONG WEEKEND!

All those hours hunched over the computer, the pulling of the hair when the right word wouldn't come, the times when your characters just don't want to do as they're told, and those times when the words flowed like hot honey...all worth it.

Email, attach and...SEND! There's such relief. Done! So tonight I can sit back and relax and watch TV and do nothing! That lasts about five minutes before my finger start to itch and I think, how on earth am I going to fill all that writing time tomorrow???!!!

My darling hubby has been Mr Mum the past two weeks while I wrote like a mad woman, so I think we might fill that 'writing' time by letting him sleep in and go to the footy this arvo while I reintroduce my gorgeous girls to their mother ;). Yeah. I'm happy with that.

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